Oklahoma Regulated Air Pollutants

What must be reported in an Oklahoma Emissions Inventory?


1. Pollutants Regulated by Statute, Rule, or Regulation

Emissions of 202 Oklahoma Regulated Air Pollutants (RAPs) must be reported in an Oklahoma emissions inventory. Included in the list below are:

  • 188 federally regulated Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) consisting of compounds and compound groups.
  • 21 toxic compounds and compounds groups, as listed in Appendix O of OAC 252:100.
  • Other air pollutants regulated in Oklahoma by a State or Federal rule or regulation contained in Appendix P of OAC 252:100.
2. Pollutants limited by Permit Only

Although a pollutant may not be an RAP, if emissions of that pollutant are specifically limited in the Specific Conditions of the air quality permit for a facility, per Subchapter 5 of OAC 252:100 (which governs emissions inventory reporting), actual emissions of such a pollutant must be reported as part of the annual emissions inventory for that facility. This rule requirement exists because unique circumstances or concerns may require such emission limitations to be applied. Reporting annual emissions is a key part of demonstrating compliance with such limitations.

If a particular pollutant is not available in SLEIS for which emissions must be reported, or if you need further help with determining whether and/or how a particular pollutant should be reported, please contact the Emissions Inventory Section.

Important Notes:

  • An asterisk (*) is added to the front of criteria pollutants’ names to ensure they appear at the top of alphabetical lists.
  • A particular compound group (e.g., Glycol Ethers) can contain many individual compounds
  • Certain pollutants that are reported separately at the specific compound level (“speciated-out”) should also be reported as part of the total for the criteria pollutant category. These pollutants are marked “yes” for “Is a PM” if the emissions should be included in the relevant PM totals or are marked “yes” for “Is a VOC” if the emissions should be included in the VOC total.

Regulated Air Pollutants List

Pollutant NameCAS #Is a PMIs a VOC
* Carbon Monoxide630080
Lead and Lead compoundsn/a Yes
* Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) expressed as NO2n/a
* PM 10 - Primary (Filterable + Condensible)n/a
* PM 2.5 - Primary (Filterable + Condensible)n/a Yes
* Sulfur Oxides (SOx) expressed as SO2n/a
* Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)n/a
1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane79345 Yes
1,1,2-Trichloroethane79005 Yes
1,1-Dimethyl hydrazine57147 Yes
1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene120821 Yes
1,2-Dibromo-3-chloropropane96128 Yes
1,2-Diphenylhydrazine122667 Yes
1,2-Epoxybutane106887 Yes
1,2-Propylenimine (2-Methyl aziridine)75558 Yes
1,3-Butadiene106990 Yes
1,3-Dichloropropene542756 Yes
1,3-Propane sultone1120714 Yes
1,4-Dichlorobenzene(p)106467 Yes
1,4-Dioxane (1,4-Diethyleneoxide)123911 Yes
2,2,4-Trimethylpentane540841 Yes
2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin1746016 Yes
2,4,5-Trichlorophenol95954 Yes
2,4,6-Trichlorophenol88062 Yes
2,4-D, salts and esters94757 Yes
2,4-Dinitrophenol51285 Yes
2,4-Dinitrotoluene121142 Yes
2,4-Toluene diamine95807 Yes
2,4-Toluene diisocyanate584849 Yes
2-Acetylaminofluorene53963 Yes
2-Chloroacetophenone532274 Yes
2-Nitropropane79469 Yes
3,3-Dichlorobenzidine91941 Yes
3,3-Dimethoxybenzidine119904 Yes
3,3-Dimethyl benzidine119937 Yes
4,4-Methylene bis(2-chloroaniline)101144 Yes
4,4-Methylenedianiline101779 Yes
4,6-Dinitro-o-cresol, and salts534521 Yes
4-Aminobiphenyl92671 Yes
4-Nitrobiphenyl92933 Yes
4-Nitrophenol100027 Yes
Acetaldehyde75070 Yes
Acetamide60355 Yes
Acetonitrile75058 Yes
Acetophenone98862 Yes
Acrolein107028 Yes
Acrylamide79061 Yes
Acrylic acid79107 Yes
Acrylonitrile107131 Yes
Allyl chloride107051 Yes
Aniline62533 Yes
Antimony and Antimony compoundsn/a Yes
Arsenic Compounds (inorganic Includ. Arsine)n/a Yes
Asbestos1332214 Yes
Benzene (including benzene from gasoline)71432 Yes
Benzidine92875 Yes
Benzotrichloride98077 Yes
Benzyl chloride100447 Yes
Beryllium and Beryllium compoundsn/a Yes
beta-Propiolactone57578 Yes
Biphenyl92524 Yes
Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP)117817 Yes
Bis(chloromethyl) ether542881 Yes
Bromoform75252 Yes
Cadmium and Cadmium compoundsn/a Yes
Calcium cyanamide156627 Yes
Captan133062 Yes
Carbaryl63252 Yes
Carbon disulfide75150 Yes
Carbon tetrachloride56235 Yes
Carbonyl sulfide463581 Yes
Catechol120809 Yes
Chloramben133904 Yes
Chlordane57749 Yes
Chlorine7782505 Yes
Chloroacetic acid79118 Yes
Chlorobenzene108907 Yes
Chlorobenzilate510156 Yes
Chloroform67663 Yes
Chloromethyl methyl ether107302 Yes
Chloroprene126998 Yes
Chromium7440473 Yes
Chromium (VI)18540299 Yes
Chromium III16065831 Yes
Cobalt and Cobalt compoundsn/a Yes
Coke Oven Emissionsn/a Yes
Cresols/Cresylic acid (isomers and mixture)1319773 Yes
Cumene98828 Yes
Cyanide and Cyanide compoundsn/a
DDE3547044 Yes
Diazomethane334883 Yes
Dibenzofuran132649 Yes
Dibutylphthalate84742 Yes
Dichloroethyl ether (Bis(2-chloroethyl)ether)111444 Yes
Dichlorvos62737 Yes
Diethanaolamine111422 Yes
Diethyl sulfate64675 Yes
Dimethyl aminoazobenzene60117 Yes
Dimethyl carbamoyl chloride79447 Yes
Dimethyl formamide68122 Yes
Dimethyl phthalate131113 Yes
Dimethyl sulfate77781 Yes
Epichlorohydrin (l-Chloro-2,3-epoxypropane)106898 Yes
Ethyl acrylate140885 Yes
Ethyl benzene100414 Yes
Ethyl carbamate (Urethane)51796 Yes
Ethyl chloride (Chloroethane)75003 Yes
Ethylene dibromide (Dibromoethane)106934 Yes
Ethylene dichloride (1,2-Dichloroethane)107062 Yes
Ethylene glycol107211 Yes
Ethylene imine (Aziridine)151564 Yes
Ethylene oxide75218 Yes
Ethylene thiourea96457 Yes
Ethylidene dichloride (1,1-Dichloroethane)75343 Yes
Fine mineral fibersn/a Yes
Fluorine expressed as Fluoride, F-16984488
Formaldehyde50000 Yes
Glycol ethersn/a Yes
Heptachlor76448 Yes
Hexachlorobenzene118741 Yes
Hexachlorobutadiene87683 Yes
Hexachlorocyclopentadiene77474 Yes
Hexachloroethane67721 Yes
Hexamethylene-1,6-diisocyanate822060 Yes
Hexamethylphosphoramide680319 Yes
Hexane110543 Yes
Hydrochloric acid7647010
Hydrogen fluoride (Hydrofluoric acid)7664393
Hydrogen sulfide7783064
Hydroquinone123319 Yes
Isophorone78591 Yes
Lindane (all isomers)58899 Yes
Maleic anhydride108316 Yes
Manganese compoundsn/a Yes
m-Cresol108394 Yes
Mercury and Mercury compoundsn/a Yes
Methanol67561 Yes
Methoxychlor72435 Yes
Methyl bromide (Bromomethane)74839 Yes
Methyl chloride (Chloromethane)74873 Yes
Methyl chloroform (1,1,1-Trichloroethane)71556
Methyl hydrazine60344 Yes
Methyl iodide (Iodomethane)74884 Yes
Methyl isobutyl ketone (Hexone)108101 Yes
Methyl isocyanate624839 Yes
Methyl methacrylate80626 Yes
Methyl tert butyl ether1634044 Yes
Methylene chloride (Dichloromethane)75092
Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI)101688 Yes
m-Xylene108383 Yes
N,N-Dimethylaniline121697 Yes
Naphthalene91203 Yes
Nickel and Nickel compoundsn/a Yes
Nitrobenzene98953 Yes
N-Nitrosodimethylamine62759 Yes
N-Nitrosomorpholine59892 Yes
N-Nitroso-N-methylurea684935 Yes
o-Anisidine90040 Yes
o-Cresol95487 Yes
o-Toluidine95534 Yes
o-Xylene95476 Yes
Parathion56382 Yes
p-Cresol106445 Yes
Pentachloronitrobenzene (Quintobenzene)82688 Yes
Pentachlorophenol87865 Yes
Phenol108952 Yes
Phosgene75445 Yes
Phosphorus7723140 Yes
Phthalic anhydride85449 Yes
Polychlorinated biphenyls (Aroclors)1336363 Yes
Polycyclic Organic Mattern/a Yes
p-Phenylenediamine106503 Yes
Propionaldehyde123386 Yes
Propoxur (Baygon)114261 Yes
Propylene dichloride (1,2-Dichloropropane)78875 Yes
Propylene oxide75569 Yes
p-Xylene106423 Yes
Quinoline91225 Yes
Quinone106514 Yes
Radionuclides (Mass - Including Radon)n/a Yes
Selenium and Selenium compoundsn/a Yes
Styrene100425 Yes
Styrene oxide96093 Yes
Sulfuric acid (including acid mist expressed as H2SO4)7664939 Yes
Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene)127184
Titanium tetrachloride7550450 Yes
Toluene108883 Yes
Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) expressed as Sulfurn/a
Toxaphene (chlorinated camphene)8001352 Yes
Trichloroethylene79016 Yes
Triethylamine121448 Yes
Trifluralin1582098 Yes
Vinyl acetate108054 Yes
Vinyl bromide593602 Yes
Vinyl chloride75014 Yes
Vinylidene chloride (1,1-Dichloroethylene)75354 Yes
Xylenes (isomers and mixture)1330207 Yes