Emissions Inventory Operating Fees

Lake Murray State Park

All facilities that are sources of air pollution, regardless of whether the source is currently permitted or an emission inventory has been submitted, are required to pay annual operating fees. Exceptions include permit exempt and de minimis facilities. Additional information on fees can be found in OAC 252:100-5-2.2.

Fee Calculations

Fees are based on annual emissions of regulated air pollutants (RAPs).

  • PM-10 is billed; PM-2.5 is not billed.
  • Total VOC is split into HAP and non-HAP VOC for billing.
  • CO is not billed.
  • Fees are calculated two years in arrears.


  • Invoices are sent annually to companies with 5+ tons of billable emissions on the first business day in July.
  • Facilities that cease operations are still responsible for payment of operating fees based on emissions reported when in operation.
  • New owners of facilities assume payment liability for the operating fees which can be based on emissions reported in the years of operation prior to transfer of ownership.
  • Inventory amendments with a 5+ ton increase in billable emissions may result in an adjusted invoice. Processing is done as required throughout the year.
  • When Title V sources are invoiced, whether from an initial inventory or amended inventory, the fees will be assessed at the most current year Title V rate.

Fee Determination

Title V (Part 70) source fees were set at $32.30 per ton of regulated air pollutant in 2008. The fee is adjusted each year based on the change in the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) at the end of August relative to the 2007 CPI.

  • The minor source fee is set at $25.12 per ton of regulated air pollutant.
  • The 2022 Title V fee was $42.50 per ton; the 2023 Title V fee will be $46.01.

Additional information on fee calculations can be found in OAC 252:100-5-2.2.